How To Watch Any Netflix Show In Any Country?

- November 2, 2021

Netflix is one of the most used paid streaming applications across the 190- countries of the world. But one thing you might not be aware of is that Netflix shows a particular library in every country which means that movies and tv shows displayed in each country are different.

But as it is a paid application, people wish to get the complete collection to enjoy Tv shows and movies of any country.

Why Is There A Difference Between Netflix Library Across The Globe?


So as per the CEO of Netflix words Netflix library differs because of the Territorial Licensing. So it is human nature that it is in a race of earning more and more money. The directors and producers pay an amount that gives the license to broadcast their shows or movies in other countries. This is like an auction, and the highest one to bid gets the license.

This might be a bit confusing so let’s take an example of a famous movie Star Wars. So first of all, it also needs to be monitored that either the movie played in the UK, US, and India would generate a certain amount of money that the amount of rights bought can be recovered.

After monitoring it, Netflix came up with the result that there are a majority of the people watching Star Wars in the US or UK. Still, there aren’t any users in India, or they haven’t shown much interest, then Netflix will buy the license for UK or US, eliminating India from the list.

This means that Indian Netflix users could not be able to watch star wars. So basically, people’s interest and the license determine Netflix library in any country. But Netflix is working on making each of the content available for everyone. Till then, the libraries would differ.

Watching Netflix From Different Country

But there is a simple way to watch any Netflix movie or Tv show from any country, which can be done through VPN (Virtual Private Network). Moreover, there is another option as well, which is called DNS tunneling.

Through this, Netflix thinks that your device is in any other country and displays its libraries.
Although this step will provide you with a vast video library, there are some restrictions, such as slow video buffering speed, and you cannot connect to Chromecast that links your mobile and Tv.

How To Change Your Country Using Netflix By VPN?

It is always suggested to use VPN over DNS as VPN is the easiest process. It does not mean that it is illegal; Netflix is available on all the platforms and is also aware of the VPN. Sometimes, the free VPN services might get blocked, but the paid ones would always help you out.

  • Download the VPN and Turn it on.
  • Decide the country and select in the VPN who’s Netflix library you wish to view.
  • Open Netflix website or application.
  • And the library of that country would be displayed.

How To Change Your Country Using Netflix By DNS?

Although VPN is the most effective way, you must be aware of DNS tunneling as well. DNS is effective for applications like YouTube, but for bigger applications like Netflix, VPN is worth it.

However, there are some advantages of using DNS tunneling, like it is faster and provides high-quality screen resolution giving out the best results in 4K. But if we look from the region’s perspective, it is limited to US and Canadian movie and tv show collections. So as per our recommendation, paying for a better VPN would be an effective step.

What Is Available In Netflix Regions?

One thing remains untold: how would you know that a particular movie belongs to this Netflix region. uNoGS is a web application that allows you to check the Netflix libraries all across the globe.

Search once, and it will give data and through which you can analyze which countries library you need to add in the VPN. It offers ratings, genre, year of release and many other things through which you can filter your results.

Other Country’s Netflix Catalog Through VPN:

So basically, VPN changes the IP address of your device, which makes Netflix think that the device is in that country. Although it charges the monthly subscription of Netflix on your account also remains the same, but the library displayed is from the country you have selected.

As we know, making a Netflix account in the US for viewing its library is a hectic process as you need its phone number, payment method issues and Amazon gift card etc. To get rid of such problems, VPN is the best option that allows you to watch any country’s library from your country without any complications.


It is essential to understand that Netflix has set up this regional licensing process for a reason, and we are breaking their rule. While making every library available on Netflix, it is also working on identifying several VPNs and blocking them. This process might work now, but it is not confirmed that it will work forever.

Best Alternatives Movies Sites like SolarMovie

- November 21, 2020

If you are searching for any trusted movie website to watch the latest and older movies and TV shows without paying a single amount of money, then definitely this article is helpful for you!

Yes, in this article I am going to share the SolarMovie Website which you can use to watch any older series of Netflix or any upcoming movies for free. SolarMovie is one of the trusted platforms by millions of users from all over the world to watch any TV shows and movies for free.

What is SolarMovies?

SolarMovie is one of the best online movies and TV shows streaming sites which is used by millions of users from all over the world. This site has every movie from every country like South Korea, China, Japan, India, USA, UK, Honk Kong, France etc and you can watch them for free. Also, it contains 20+ categories like Comedy, Action, Thrilling, Fighting, Animation, Biography, Historical, Mystery, Adventurous, Romantic, Horror, etc. Every category contains hundreds of movies and there is no restriction on them.

To download any movies from this website, you don’t need to buy any paid subscription. Also, it does not even ask you to provide any personal information or to create an account on their website. Just find any of your favorite movies and click on the download button. Here you need to wait for some time and then automatically start downloading.

Most importantly, these movies are safe and clean from any types of malware and virus. So you can download any content from their website without any problem. On the homepage of the website, you will get the advanced search bar which saves the time of most users.

If you are unable to find your favorite movie, just click on the search bar and enter your favorite movie name and wait from some second. It will analyze the whole website and give you the result in seconds. See, how easy it is to find any movies on this website.

Best Alternatives to SolarMovie

Following are some of the best alternatives which we consider after testing by ourselves and by spending hours and hours on them.

  1. MrPiracy – (
  2. Putlocker
  3. 123Movies
  4. FMovies
  5. M4uFree – (
  6. GoMovies
  7. GogoAnime
  8. PrimeWire
  9. Couchtuner

Key Features:

Format: This website provides you with quality content in HD Format which helps the user to get some theater experience at home.

Collection: SolarMovie contains both old and new types of collection, so don’t worry if you need an old or new movie or TV show you will easily get on this website.

Genre: Similar to the collection, this website has more than 20 categories which help you to browse the whole website easily.

Interface: The design of this website is simple and easy to use. Even a small kid can easily find any of their favorite cartoon or kid shows within a minute.

Is SolarMovie Safe and Legal?

SolarMovie is a trusted website and is used by millions of users from every part of this world. They are not providing any virus and malware video which later becomes harmful for you. Besides that, they have hosted any movies or TV shows on their hosting, so they are not committing any crime.

Whenever you are using any online streaming website make sure you are using an ad blocker which helps you to get rid of annoying ads and popups. Otherwise, this website is 100% trusted and safe to use.

Final Thoughts

SolarMovie is an outstanding website because of its quality and interface. Also, it provides thousands of TV shows and movies for free. If you are looking for any trusted website and are not able to pay monthly fees to watch movies and TV shows for free, then this website is best for you.

So how was our review on SolarMovie? Did you find your favorite movie on this website? Don’t forget to let us know via the comment section…!!